#siziönemsiyoruzIn this new period we live, we have made our processes safer in order to make your travels more healthy by using our airport. Because we care about you and your loved ones.
About The New International Terminal

About The New International Terminal

The features and the services at the new terminal of the Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport and its complementaries includes;

  • A four – storey car park with a capacity of about 4,718 vehicles + 72 bus (3.836 indoors and 882 + 72 bus outdoors).
  • A four– storey hotel with 128 rooms, adjacent to the terminal and with separate entrances at air and ground sides.
  • 128 check-in and online check-in counters
  • For arriving and departing passengers a total of 74 passport counters
  • VIP building & apron viewing CIP halls with business lounges
  • Multi Aircraft Ramp System (MARS), allowing simultaneous service to 8 aircrafts with large fuselages (IATA code E) or16 middle sized fuselage aircrafts (IATA code C).
  • 400 sq m conference center
  • 5.000 sq m food court, for cafés and restaurants belonging the leading food & beverage brands
  • Duty Free shopping area, with a ground of 4.500 sq m; with shops at international standards.