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Terminal Expanding Tender

Terminal Expanding Tender


Sabiha Gökçen Airport New Pier Block Construction Work will be open for tender. The details regarding the tender are as of below:

1- Job Holder

    a) Adress : Sabiha Gökçen Airport Terminal Building 34912 Pendik - İstanbul / Turkey
    b) Telephone and fax number : +90 216 588 80 00
    c) Electronic mail adress : ihaleisg@sgia.aero
    d) Webpage: www.sabihagokcen.aero
    e) Tender Documents Viewing Point: ISG Procurement Department 34912 Pendik - İstanbul

2- Details of Work

    a) Scope : The construction of a New Pier Block with a total of 25.554m² construction area.
    b) Area : Sabiha Gökçen Airport 34912 Pendik İstanbul
    c) Starting Date : The constrction works will start with the handover of the site 7 (seven) days after the signing of the contract.

3- Submission of Tender Documents
    a) Tender Documents Submission Point : ISG Procurement Department 34912 Pendik / İstanbul
    b) Time and date : 21/04/2017 latest by 16:00

4- Conditions for Participating in the Tender, the requested documentation and qualifications required

    4.1 Conditions for Participating in Tender and requested documentation:
         4.1.1 Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce and/or Industry where the Tenderer is registered according to the relevant legislation.
     Registration Documents dated after the tender date as proof of legal entity taken from the Chamber of Commerce/Industry.
         4.1.2 Statement of Signature and Signatory Circular as proof of the entitlement of bidding.
     The Trade Registry Gazette that displays the current state of the partners, members or founders of the legal entity and employees under the administration of the relevant legal entity or autheticating documents related to the mentioned matters and a notarized signatory circular of the legal entity.
         4.1.3 A Letter of Bid as per specified in the Administrative Specification.
         4.1.4 Temporary Letter of Guarantee as per specified in the Administrative Specification
         4.1.5 A sub-contractor can be hired upon the approval of the Job Holder. However, the contractor cannot sub all the works to sub-contractors.

    4.2 Documentation regarding the economic and financial sufficiency:
         4.2.1 A financial status declaration approved by a certified public accountant of which its template is available in this specification and Bank Reference Letter concerning the economic and financial sufficiency of the company shall be submitted.
         4.2.2 The most recent year-end balance sheet or equivalent documents of the Tenderer.
              a) The turnover of the Tenderer before the year of Tender shall be 15.000.000,-€ (Fifteen million Euros) and monetary amount related to the completed parts of the construction works continuing under obligation or completed constructions work shall be at least 10.000.000,-€ (Ten million Euros).
              b) Tenderers who can not fulfill the mentioned criteria for previous year of the year of Tender may submit documents up to the past 3 (three) years starting from the year before the year of Tender. In that case, the evaluation will be according to the average of monetary amounts regarding the submitted documents related to the mentioned years.
              c) Also, criteria’s to be fulfilled in the documents submitted by the Tenderer,
                   i. Current Ratio (Current Assets/Short Term Debt) mininum 0.75.
                   ii. Equity Ratio (Equity/Total Assets) minimum 0.10.
                   iii. Bank Debts to Equity Ratio must be smaller than 2.0
                   and it is required that all three criteria specified should be met. If any, construction costs spread over years and progress payment revenues should be shown in balance sheet submitted.
              d) Those who are unable to meet the criteria’s specified above for previous year, can submit document up to past three years. In this case, the evaluation will be done by averaging of monetary value of years that their document submitted.
              e) In tenders where the tender date or the tender closing date is within the first four months of the year, It is also possible to submit the previous 2 (two) years documents if the Tenderer is unable to provide the documents from the previous year. If these documents are not able to meet the criteria mentioned the tenderer is also able to submit the documents from either the previous 3 (three) or 4 (four) year documents.

    4.3 Documents Related to Professional and Technical Competence:
         4.3.1 Business Experience Documentation:
         The Tenderer shall submit a report of their work in “List of Similar Work Group in Construction Work” that they have completed within a single agreement during the previous (ten) years in the II. Group of (B) Superstructure (Building) and the monetary value of the aforementioned work should be at least 20.000.000,- € (Twenty million Euro).

    4.4 Similar Works that can be accepted in this contract:
         4.4.1 The Group (B) II. Building works as identified in the Similar Work Groups Communique for Construction Work shall be considered as the similar works.

5- The best offer shall be determined based on both price and non-price factors.

6- The Tender is opened for all domestic Tenderers that fulfills the participation conditions mentioned in this Specification.

7- The viewing and the purchasing of the Tender Documents.

    7.1 The Tender Documents can be viewed at the Job Holders adress and can be purchased at 1,000,- Euro from the ISG Procurement Department 34912 Pendik / Istanbul.

    7.2 The payment for the Tender Documents shall be made in EURO to (“YAPI KREDİ BANKASI ANADOLU YAKASI KURUMSAL BANKACILIK MERKEZI ŞÜBESİ”) account number 81983564 (IBAN: TR95 0006 7010 0000 0081 9835 64). A bankreceipt will have to be provided for the tender documents.

    7.3 It is a requirement for the Tenderers to purchase the Tender Documents.

8- The Tender applications shall be submitted to the SG Procurement Department 34912 Pendik / İstanbul before the closing date mentioned in the Tender Documents. Or it can be sent via return receipt requested.

9- The Tenderers will quote the price on a lump sump basis. Upon the closing of the tender, A Price Agreement will be signed with the Tenderer based on the total price quoted in the Tender. The amounts and the measurements will be based on the Tenderer’s quotation.

10- The Tenderers shall provide a bond in the amount determined by them and must not be less than 3% of total Tender Application Value.

11- The validity of the Tender Application should be at least 90 (ninety) calendar days as of the tender date.

12- The Joint Ventures and Consortiums cannot submit tenders for this procurement.