#siziönemsiyoruzIn this new period we live, we have made our processes safer in order to make your travels more healthy by using our airport. Because we care about you and your loved ones.
Passengers & Visitors
Transport and Parking
Car Park Fee

Car Park Fee

Service Type 0-1 hour 1-3 hour 3-6 hour 6-12 hour 12-24 hour
Car 16.75 TL 21.75 TL 34.00 TL 40.50 TL 54.00 TL
Bus 17.75 TL 24.50 TL 30.00 TL 38.00 TL 51.25 TL
Motorcycle 8.50 TL 11.00 TL 17.00 TL 20.50 TL 27.00 TL
Subscription Card Payment
Day count Car/Bus... Motorcycle
4 Days 156.50 TL 78.50 TL
7 Days 256.50 TL 128.50 TL
15 Days 350.00 TL 175.00 TL
30 Days 382.50 TL 191.50 TL

Car park Fee subscriptions has to be made before flight departures
at payment points.

Disabled badge holders and veterans can use car park free of charge.(*)

*Disabled passengers and veterans may park for free for 15 days. After 15-day parking, normal parking charges will apply.

** We kindly ask Disabled passengers and veterans to submit their Disabled or Veteran cards and vehicle licenses. If the vehicle is a company car a document that the company has reserved this car to the guest’s use is to be submitted.

Subsciption Card option is available for an hour after entry to car park.